• end-to-end project management

    analysis and strategy t concept, theme and identity development t design, production and delivery t target audience identification t customised operation management team t communications strategy t procurement and contract negotiation t content development and production t branding and engagement strategy t protocol and policies t event readiness t on-site staffing t on-site management and coordination t CSR and legacy build t budget management and financial reconciliation t post event analysis and reports

  • location & venue management

    scouting & booking t site visits t space design & overlay t floorplan and 3D design t fit-out, dressing & decoration t branding t signage t print placement t liaise with local authorities t public place occupancy t risk assessment, health & safety, crowd & traffic control t on-site logistics and operations t destination management

  • exhibitions & fairs

    concept t customised design t floorplan and 3D design t build, fit-out & decoration t graphic and printing t brand inclusion t visitor experience strategy t transport & logistics t take-down & disposal t risk assessment, health & safety, crowd control t ancillary and hospitality services t host/hostess t on-site crew and management

  • software & technology management

    audio visual equipment t lighting design t interactive & immersive experiences t live streaming t 3D projection mapping t light drone shows t laser and light shows t event website and mobile app t online guest management system t data collection and management t GDPR implementation t  on-site shooting and photography t on-site tech crew and professionals t  content editing and post-production

  • entertainment production

    gala ceremonies and awards t bespoke live show t MC, talent and performer sourcing t stage design and build t audio visual & lighting design t script and direction t stage management and show calling t protocol and etiquette management t content production t on-site crew and professionals

  • corporate hospitality

    guest experience strategy t programme design t hospitality service sourcing and management (travel and ground transportation, accommodation, food & beverage, etc.) t leisure activities t hospitality lounge production t guest engagement activities t guest communications t RVSP management t accreditation and ticketing t pre-departure and welcome kit t meet and greet operations t on-site guest premium assistance t liaise with stakeholders

  • branding & merchandise

    brand experience t identity and look design t brand inclusion t visual coherence t branded gifts and giveaways t sourcing and delivery t shipping and logistics t packaging and distribution t inventory management t CSR and sustainability integration t themed event branding t thematic decoration and props

  • conference producton

    liaise with organising committees t liaise with speakers and agenda management t liaise with sponsors and exhibitors t online/offline registration t exhibition area production and management t graphic & printing t on-the-day welcome and registration t on-the-day attendee/guest management t venue management and readiness t vendor/contractor procurement and management t full conference technology t host/hostess t attendee/guest hospitality t offsite activities t social events t payment collection and cash flow management t risk assessment, health & safety and crowd control t GDPR implementation t post-event analysis and reports


    analysis and strategy - concept, theme and identity development - design, production and delivery - target audience identification - customised operation management team - communications strategy - procurement and contract negotiation - content development and production - branding and engagement strategy - protocol and policies - event readiness - on-site staffing - on-site management and coordination - CSR and legacy build - budget management and financial reconciliation - post event analysis and reports


    Scouting & booking - site visits - space design & overlay - floorplan and 3D design - fit-out, dressing & decoration - branding - signage – print placement - liaise with local authorities - public place occupancy - risk assessment, health & safety, crowd & traffic control - on-site logistics and operations - destination management


    Concept - customised design – floorplan and 3D design - build, fit-out & decoration - graphic and printing - brand inclusion - visitor experience strategy – transport & logistics - take-down & disposal - risk assessment, health & safety, crowd control - ancillary and hospitality services – host/hostess - on-site crew and management


    Audio visual equipment - lighting design - interactive & immersive experiences - live streaming - 3D projection mapping - light drone shows - laser and light shows - event website and mobile app – online guest management system - data collection and management - GDPR implementation -  on-site shooting and photography - on-site tech crew and professionals -  content editing and post-production


    Gala ceremonies and awards - bespoke live show - MC, talent and performer sourcing - stage design and build - audio visual & lighting design – script and direction – stage management and show calling - protocol and etiquette management - content production - on-site crew and professionals


    guest experience strategy - programme design - hospitality service sourcing and management (travel and ground transportation, accommodation, food & beverage, etc.) - leisure activities - hospitality lounge production - guest engagement activities - guest communications - RVSP management - accreditation and ticketing - pre-departure and welcome kit - meet and greet operations - on-site guest premium assistance – liaise with stakeholders


    brand experience - identity and look design – brand inclusion - visual coherence - branded gifts and giveaways – sourcing and delivery - shipping and logistics - packaging and distribution - inventory management - CSR and sustainability integration - themed event branding - thematic decoration and props


    liaise with organising committees – liaise with speakers and agenda management - liaise with sponsors and exhibitors - online/offline registration - exhibition area production and management - graphic & printing - on-the-day welcome and registration - on-the-day attendee/guest management - venue management and readiness – vendor/contractor procurement and management - full conference technology – host/hostess – attendee/guest hospitality - offsite activities – social events - payment collection and cash flow management - risk assessment, health & safety and crowd control - GDPR implementation - post-event analysis and reports